The Director

I first started dancing at the age of 4. Throughout my childhood, I would barricade myself in my room and dance to music videos on MTV of Missy Eliott and Britney Spears. I started training at the age of 18 by taking dance classes at Vega Dance Lab in Portland. From then on, I've been in multiple dance productions with a dance company called Lyfe for 5 years performing on various stages including Newmark, The Headwaters Theatre, Winningstad Theatre, and the World Trade Center. 

My dream has always been to have my own dance company that can bring my visions to life. As the director of Rogue Society, I want to inspire other dancers to move with their full energy and perform with their heart/emotion.


The Company



A person, organization, or country that does not behave in the usual or acceptable way. - Cambridge Dictionary

Rogue Society is a dance company that embodies the vision of going against the norm. A group that is fierce, rebellious, fearless, and edgy. This company strives to be unique and non-conforming. 

Current Season

The Show

Five high schoolers end up in detention on a Saturday at their high school. A rebel, a jock, a weirdo, a princess, and a nerd. Each have a story to tell. 

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